Should You Use Your Equity to Move Up?

That is a very good question that we are seeing a lot lately now that the majority of Atlanta homeowners have substantial equity. We have had several clients that have been able to sell their current home/condo, get something nicer, and pay off their mortgage years sooner than before with the same monthly payment! There […]

Bill | Oct 3, 2019

What is a “iBuyer?” – Is It a Good Deal?

Bill Forrest of Forrest & Company talks about What is a “iBuyer?” with our experience and examples from OpenDoor, OfferPad & Knock. For more information about how we are different as a real estate team/firm, check out More.ForrestATL.com. Here is a study that backs up Bill experiences with iBuyers: iBuyers cost sellers up to 15% […]

Bill | Aug 12, 2019

You Know What They Say, Death and Taxes…

Finally some good news for those that live in Fulton County. The County Commission and the State have come to an agreement for the 2017 and 2018 tax digest. What that means is there will be no revising of the previous unapproved 2017 tax assessments. If you may remember, The County pulled a fast one […]

Bill | Jul 29, 2019

$1500 All-In

A Forrest & Company Exclusive Loan Program! It is as simple as that! $1,500.00 out of pocket to buy a qualified home or condo with this exclusive Forrest & Company loan program. This “$1500 All-In” program has been developed in concert with our preferred lender Matt Scout SouthEast Mortgage. ?WHY BUY VS. RENT? This is […]

Bill | Apr 26, 2019

760 Belt Loop – New Construction for Clients

This is a wonderful home being built for our clients on the Beltline at the Farmhouses of Ormewood development. From the Developer: An efficiently designed 4BR/3.5BA Farmhouse with an open/accessible floor plan on the main level, complete with a living room fireplace and a flex room that could be used as a home office or […]

Bill | Apr 11, 2019

Visual Presentation and Selling for Top Dollar

Atlanta and Growth As an agent that has been licensed for over 25 years its funny home things seem to repeat themselves with market cycles.  A lot of you are concerned about the possibility of a bubble in the market but you shouldn’t be overly concerned. Atlanta is a unique and vibrant real estate market. Our economy […]

Bill | Oct 17, 2018

IMPORTANT – Zinsco Power Panels

Does the power panel in your home or condo look like this one?   This is a Zinsco Power Panel and they were manufactured and popular in the 50s thru the 70s as it was made with aluminum as cooper was becoming expensive to use in the manufacturing process. Problem is that they quit production when it […]

Bill | Sep 28, 2018

Property Tax Reform for Fulton County is Overdue

I love living in Atlanta and Fulton County most of the time.  Growing up in a small rural county I have always been drawn to the bright lights of the big city. When I first moved here I was struck at how different many aspects of living here were and in most cases it was […]

Caleb | Aug 20, 2018

$9.5 Billion at RISK in Georgia…

This blog post is from me, Bill Forrest, as a Resident of the City of Atlanta, and is also my own personal appeal and two cents about the Governor’s race and one specific issue.  My business partner and others do disagree with me on my choice of a candidate (I do hate voting against a […]

Bill | Aug 16, 2018