Getting Started with Dante's $1500 All-In Mortgage Program

Thank You for your interest in our 1500 All-In mortgage program. There is nothing wrong with renting. However, you are paying someone's mortgage and building their wealth... might as well be your own right and building real wealth? Speaking of those mortgages, current mortgage rates are at an all-time low, giving you incredible buying power, and NO as you have seen, you definitely don't need 20% down. You can actually buy in Atlanta for as little as 3% down OR LESS!  You did see the program details at Right?  it is all about how you can buy a qualifying home/condo for as little as $1,500 TOTAL Out of Pocket... YES $1,500. Well here are the steps to get started...

How to Get Started:

STEP 1:  Get Pre-Approved

The first step to achieving the goal of ownership with our 1500 All-In program is to get pre-approved for the mortgage. The basis is an FHA loan product that is wonderful for those that are just getting started and/or your credit is not perfect. Our primary mortgage person for this program, Kelly Kott, will be more than happy to help get you totally pre-approved. Click here to Apply: 

Apply Now with Kelly Loudermilk at New American Funding

STEP 2:  Property Selection and Offer

Give me a call/text/email and let's set up a quick video conference to talk about your ideal home/condo and I will build you a custom search that meets your qualifications and criteria.  That's when the real fun begins as well go look at the matching properties in person and pick out the one that is best, one that you will love calling home.  Once that is done and you're thrilled with the selection, we will be putting an offer in on the property.  Leveraging my 28 years in the business, I will help you and negotiate the absolute best deal for YOU and your interests solely.  As a buyers agent, I represent you and your interests solely in the transaction... protecting you from all of the bad things that could happen without the best representation. Best of all, My services are included in the purchase and are essentially free for you! How do you ask? See this video about having a Buyer's Agent

Check out Buying with Dante and see the whole buying process, there is absolutely no risk, just a huge reward of homeownership.

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I'm sure you have questions; How can I help?

Keep in mind that as a Buyer's Agent we don't charge you a fee but actually can save you thousands with your real estate purchase (as you will see in the Guide.) Also, don't forget you have access to Atlanta's Most ROBUST Real Estate Search Engine at

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