COVID-19 and How We are Different

As we all have been affected by this Pandemic it has changed how we do business and we have following CDC Guidelines yet delivering for our clients.  At the Forrest Team of REALTORS, we were one of the first Atlanta REALTORS to embrace video marketing of ALL of our properties for sale, not just the million-dollar ones.  We have been doing video marketing and conferencing for years. Unlike other agents we are not trying to catch up… we have been there and done that for years now.  Because of this and the additional technologies like 3D self-directed tours and other innovative systems that we have put in place we are certain that we are the best team to market your property. 

Your home is likely the most precious investment in your portfolio. As your Realtors, our goal is to help you sell your property for the highest price possible and within a time frame that fits your needs. You deserve a team that takes pride in providing the absolute best marketing in the Atlanta marketplace. As you can see we do more for our clients every day and on every property; just ask our satisfied seller clients. The ‘Art of Delivering More’ is not just a slogan but a way of life! This is why our listings typically sell Faster and for More.

Here is Just a Quick Overview of How We Deliver MORE:

More in Agent Targeting

Most listing agents don’t know how to do this labor intensive but highly effective technique.  We actually know which buyer’s agents have active and able buyers for your home.  As part of our proprietary marketing system, we reach out to these buyer’s agents, sharing information and custom videos of our listings BEFORE they hit the market. When our listings launch their buyers are waiting!

More with Videography, HDR Photography, Drone Shots, and 3D Self-Directed Virtual Tours

We can’t say enough about this as it is the cornerstone to all marketing in today’s marketplace.  Professional HDR still photography provides for a true and best representation of your home.  But to actually make your home standout we have professional produced HD video tours of all of our listings not just the million-dollar ones. Homes marketed likes ours receive over 400% more views and showings. We publish and promote these videos everywhere…

Click Here for More About our Cutting-Edge 3D Self-Directed Tours

Video, 3D Self-Directed Virtual Tours from the Curb with QR Code

One of our highly effective ways to use a video and have market differentiation is signage.  We use both a QR Code and a video sign rider on our listings; for example “See the Video at:” This points to a custom webpage just for your home with our custom VIDEO promoting all of the things that make your home special PLUS a 3D Self-Directed Virtual Tour.  These enhance the perceived value of your home in the buyer’s mind. In addition this custom webpage has several ‘More Info’ buttons to capture visitors contact info for our immediate follow up.

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QR Code for VIDEO on every marketing piece

Every piece of marketing collateral has that sub-domain on it promoting the video so buyers can see the home in a way that we have designed to highlight its best features. Many buyers visiting with a buyers agent will pick up a listing flyer and visit the video after the showing to refresh their memory of the property.


More with Direct Mail

Yes. we combine the best of old-school marketing with cutting-edge techniques and technology. We let your neighbors know about the home being for sale as they might bring us a great buyer. Another way to share our standout videos of our listings.

More with Social Media

Everybody is online and this is just one tool to let them know that your home is available.  Any agent can do a post but to be truly effective it must be targeted. We have dedicated marketing dollars for paid placement and highly-targeted social media campaigns online promoting our listings. These help drive more buyer traffic to the home and better offers.

More with Zillow, Trulia, and

In addition to Buyer’s Agents, this is where the buyers are.  We go directly to them by having our listings in these search engines with VIDEO.  This is huge, It’s not enough to have a prominent placement with a handful of photos, to be truly effective, You must have high-end video, video unlocks the door.

Marketing your home’s value and achieving the absolute highest return on your investment and maximizing your equity is our specialty.  The ‘Art of Delivering More’ is not just a slogan but a way of life!

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We Offer a Free Market Analysis

If you are curious about the value of your current home or about the value of one currently on the market feel free to give me a call, email or fill out the form on the bottom of this page. I can provide you with a market opinion based on recent sales and current market trends so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Forrest Team of REALTORS commits to you that we will:

  • Communicate with you in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Consult with you to identify your needs, expectations, and priorities.
  • Discuss the seller, buyer and dual agency alternatives, and determine how I can best work with you to achieve your real estate objectives.
  • Design a Marketing Plan that is tailored to your property, in order to achieve maximum exposure to prospective buyers.
  • Share information about your property with the PalmerHouse Real Estate professionals in my office, and other real estate professionals through both Multiple Listing Services FMLS and GaMLS.
  • Install the well-recognized Forrest Team of REALTORS at PalmerHouse Properties FOR SALE sign (where allowed).
  • Discuss how open houses may be an effective way to reach potential buyers, and hold open houses as needed.
  • Promote your property through effective social media advertising and real estate web media.
  • Explain how written property disclosure, a home warranty, and professional home inspections can enhance the salability of your property.
  • Seek buyers who are pre-qualified or pre-approved by a lending institution, and require financial qualifying information on all buyers submitting offers.
  • Communicate with you throughout the marketing process.
  • Help you determine an effective Pricing Strategy.
  • Explain how market value is determined, and discuss the role of market-sensitive pricing in the successful sale of your property.
  • Research and present a comparative market analysis showing recent real estate activity and trends, to help you determine a realistic listing price.
  • Discuss financing options that will help attract potential buyers.
  • Prepare a preliminary estimate of your costs and cash proceeds based on the probable selling price and financing terms.
  • Continue to monitor real estate activity, and, if appropriate, recommend price adjustments to keep your property competitive.
  • Identify enhancements that will help your property make the best possible impression on prospective buyers.
  • Advise you how to prepare your property for real estate professional previews and buyer showings.
  • Represent you in negotiations with prospective buyers.
  • Review all purchase offers with you, and explain your available choices to accept, reject or counter each offer.
  • Negotiate in your best interests, including the handling of counteroffers, to reach an agreement that is acceptable to you.
  • Work with the buyer’s real estate professionals and others to see that all requirements of the purchase agreement are satisfied and to help keep the transaction on schedule.
  • Follow up on any remaining details after the close of the sale, and provide you with information on relocation assistance or additional services you may need.