The Future is “Smart!” – Altus at the Quarter on the Upper Westside

It’s pretty cool when you see a vision come to life when it is YEARS before its time. That is exactly what is happening right now at the new ‘Upper Westside‘ development, Altas at the Quarter.

Two major power players, Georgia Power & Pulte Group, have joined forces to bring Atlanta its first ever “Smart Neighborhood.” These new 46 energy-efficient homes include: improved insulation, advanced heating and cooling systems, LED lighting, and higher efficiency electric heat pump water heaters. 8 homes in particular also include solar panels and in-home battery energy storage on the roofs to promote energy efficiency and green technology. It is anticipated that these 9 “Smarthomes” will cut the cost of operations and energy costs by 40% or more for a comparable sized townhome.

This neighborhood offers 4 different floor-plans which can range from nearly 2,100 square feet to more than 2,700 square feet. Its models can come in two or three bedrooms, with either two and a half or three and a half bathrooms, and two-car garages with each specific unit.

The homes are compatible with smart devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can literally come home and ask “Good morning Alexa” and all the lights turn for the early morning, “Google, turn the AC down to 70” to change the temperature, “Alexa let’s relax” and it lowers the lights and brings down all the blinds simultaneously. And you can do this all from the comfort and convenience of your smart phone through the Alexa or Google Home App. It ensures a seamless transition to utilizing your phone to control almost every function of your house while prioritizing energy efficiency as well.

This truly gives us a look at what Atlanta will look like as a whole in 2030. Where entire homes are programmed from the convenience of our smart phones. Where we prioritize our energy usage through the investment of renewable technologies. Where are communities are much more integrated with our environment and everyday lives. This could all be yours today and have the “Smart” Future for yourself at Altus at the Quarter!

Townhomes are starting in the lower $400s and increase. Find out more