A buyer’s agent costs very little, however not having one can cost thousands!  When a home is listed for sale, a Buyer’s Agent commission is already included.  It is one of the few times in life that you have an expert in your corner fighting for you, but is paid by the opposition.  In most cases I can save you thousands by negotiating the best price, terms, and get extras thrown in like closing costs and prepaid items that otherwise would be coming out of your wallet.

Delivering More Home for You

Our job isn’t just to help you search for and buy the right home. It’s to educate you about market values, quality construction, financing options, hidden costs, and more. We do this so that you can make the informed decisions when you buy. Additionally, you’ll have all the benefits of my extensive professional network for any additional services, you may need.

How Do I Do It?

My experienced negotiation skills allow me to get you the lowest possible price when you buy. In most cases I can save you thousands! This not only includes settling on an excellent sale price, it also means arranging the best mortgage terms, reducing closing costs and getting the seller to throw in extras, including paying for repairs not required by the home inspection. I’m dedicated to helping you find the home of your dreams on YOUR terms!